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Schedule your Telehealth Appointment

Call 540-341-1900 to schedule your telehealth appointment. At that time, your Patient Portal will be activated, and you will be provided with a username and temporary password.


Required Preparation for Telehealth Appointment

(Must be completed 48hrs prior to your scheduled appointment)

  1. Select either the New Patient, Existing Patient, or Minor Patient forms button below, based on the patient status.  Download the forms, complete them and then save them to your computer or phone. It may be necessary for you to print out the forms and complete them manually, then scan and save them to your computer or phone.

Established Patient Forms 

New Patient Forms

Minor Patient Forms

  1. Take a picture the front of your driver’s license, as well as the front and back of your insurance card(s), then save to your pictures on your smartphone or computer.
  2. Log into your patient portal, select the menu bar at the top left-hand corner of the home page, and select Messages tab on the top of the home page (your home page may appear differently if using a computer vs a smartphone).
  3. Select Compose Message; In the To drop down box, select Front Desk; type Patient Forms in the Subject box, and at the bottom select the blue Add Attachments link.
  4. Attach the completed patient forms, the pictures of the front of your driver’s license, and the pictures of the front/back of your insurance card(s) that have been saved to your device.
  5. Select Send. Our staff will receive and review everything submitted and let you know if anything further is needed.


Telehealth Appointment Procedure

  1. Go to our website and click the patient portal link on the top right hand corner of the home page, or go to in a Google Chrome or Firefox web browser.

(A smartphone or a webcam accessible computer must be used for this type of appointment. It is not iPad accessible)

  1. Log into the patient portal with the username and password provided at the time of booking. Please note that you will be prompted to customize your password upon your first login.
  2. About 5-10min prior to your scheduled telehealth appointment, log into the patient portal and select the “join video visit” link on the home page. Please refresh your screen if you have been waiting longer than 10 minutes and you haven’t received a link.
  3.  Please watch this tutorial video on what to expect during your telehealth appointment.

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