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Skin Tightening Specialist

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Surgery isn’t the only way to resolve sagging, crepey skin that ages you and makes you feel self-conscious. At Warrenton Dermatology & Skin Therapy Center in Warrenton, Virginia, the dermatology team offers SkinTyte™, an innovative light technology that reforms collagen production to firm up lax skin. Call to set up an appointment or schedule online to find out how this noninvasive treatment can help boost the appearance of your entire body.

Skin Tightening Q & A

What is skin tightening with SkinTyte?

SkinTyte is a revolutionary, noninvasive mode of skin tightening. The system uses pulses of infrared-light technology, which heat the deep layers of your skin to stimulate collagen production. Collagen is a major protein component of your skin responsible for firmness and skin strength.

The infrared technology causes existing collagen to contract and boosts the production of new collagen. As a result, you get skin that looks significantly lifted.

What areas can be treated with skin tightening?

SkinTyte is appropriate for all skin types. It’s effective just about anywhere on your body where sagging, lax skin is a concern, including:

  • Neck
  • Face
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Upper arms

Talk to the team at Warrenton Dermatology & Skin Therapy Center to learn how SkinTyte can help you.

Do skin tightening treatments hurt?

Most people find the treatment entirely comfortable and require no topical numbing cream. The technology features a cooling tip to help ease the sensation of heat generated by SkinTyte infrared energy.

Skin tightening treatments with SkinTyte are fast, effective, and require no downtime. You can go back to all your normal activities after a session, including work or workouts.

What are the benefits of SkinTyte for skin tightening?

SkinTyte requires no surgery, so you don’t risk excessive blood loss, infection, or scarring. You won’t experience bruising or swelling as a result of treatment either.

Treatments with SkinTyte are far more affordable than surgery. The team at Warrenton Dermatology & Skin Therapy Center works with you and your budget.

How many treatments will I need?

Your provider at Warrenton Dermatology & Skin Therapy Center customizes a treatment plan according to the degree of your skin laxity and the areas you want to treat. Usually, you need between three and six treatments scheduled every two weeks to achieve optimal results.

When will I see results from skin tightening treatments?

It takes time for collagen to reformulate and develop. Your full results are evident after about four months.

If you’re ready to firm up your face and physique, make an appointment at Warrenton Dermatology & Skin Therapy Center to learn about SkinTyte treatments. Call today or book an appointment online.

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