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How To Do A Skin Cancer Self-Exam

How To Do A Skin Cancer Self-Exam

It’s always smart to keep an eye on your skin. But giving yourself a thorough self-exam from time-to-time is even better. This May, in recognition of National Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we’re here to teach you how to tackle this important task.
May 9th, 2024

How Does PRP for Hair Loss Work?

Scalp thinning and balding may be common problems, but that doesn’t make hair loss any easier to live with. Luckily, there are ways to wake up dormant follicles and support healthy hair regrowth — with few risks or side effects. Learn more here.
Apr 15th, 2024
Are Chemical Peels Safe?

Are Chemical Peels Safe?

Hearing the word “chemical” in reference to a skin care treatment can seem alarming, especially since they often involve the face. However, they’re a safe, quick, and cost-effective way to completely rejuvenate your skin. Read on to learn more.
Mar 5th, 2024
Can I Get Botox and Fillers During the Same Session?

Can I Get Botox and Fillers During the Same Session?

There’s a reason why people love Botox® Cosmetic and dermal fillers — they can provide dramatic results without risky surgeries. And guess what? When combined, they practically turn back the hands of time. Learn more here.
Feb 2nd, 2024
Does Rosacea Redness Ever Go Away?

Does Rosacea Redness Ever Go Away?

Do you have rosacea? Then you’re no stranger to the facial redness it can cause. But what if it seems to last longer and longer with each flare-up? The right treatment strategy is key. Here’s what you should know.
Dec 4th, 2023
AviClear: A Breakthrough Treatment for Stubborn Acne

AviClear: A Breakthrough Treatment for Stubborn Acne

Have you given up on finding a solution for your acne? It’s time to try AviClear®, an innovative therapy that gets even the most stubborn cases under control. If you’ve struggled to get results for your skin in the past, here’s what you should know.
Nov 15th, 2023
What To Expect from Photodynamic Therapy

What To Expect from Photodynamic Therapy

On their own, medications and light energy can provide numerous benefits for the skin. But when combined, they can offer dramatic results. If you have certain skin conditions, including cancer, here’s what you should know about photodynamic therapy
Oct 11th, 2023
What Makes a Hydrafacial Unique?

What Makes a Hydrafacial Unique?

Would you like to exfoliate, brighten, and firm your skin — all at the same time? There’s a reason why people turn to Hydrafacial® treatments. But, did you know that it’s not just for your face? See what sets this skin treatment apart from the rest.
Sep 1st, 2023
Vitamins Your Skin Needs Most

Vitamins Your Skin Needs Most

People spend a lot of time thinking about which cleansers, moisturizers, and cosmetic treatments can make their skin the most radiant. But, vitamins also play an important role in skin health. Find out where to start for healthy, beautiful skin.
Aug 2nd, 2023
Summer Skincare Spotlight

Summer Skincare Spotlight

You may be ready for summer, but is your skin care regimen up to the task? Read on to see what tweaks you should make this season to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.
Jul 12th, 2023

Is Acne Ever a Health Concern?

Pimples and blackheads may seem like a rite of adolescence, but they can strike at any age. They can also cause ongoing or permanent problems. If you have acne, it could be time to see an expert. Keep reading to learn more.
Jun 8th, 2023
The Truth About Your Skin and the Sun

The Truth About Your Skin and the Sun

Nothing beats the feeling of warm sunshine on your face, especially after a long winter. But too much of a good thing can lead to problems, including skin cancer. Do you know your risks? May is Melanoma Awareness Month. Here’s what you should know.
May 4th, 2023
Helping Your Child Manage Their Eczema

Helping Your Child Manage Their Eczema

Eczema is challenging enough in adulthood, but it’s especially difficult for children. So how can you help a young person with this uncomfortable skin condition? These tips can help get you started.
Apr 13th, 2023
All the Problems Chemical Peels Can Fix

All the Problems Chemical Peels Can Fix

Hearing the words “chemical peel” may seem scary when they involve your face. However, these safe and effective skin treatments can address numerous issues and imperfections. And they can come with little to no downtime.
Mar 14th, 2023
Hacks to Manage Acne That Actually Work

Hacks to Manage Acne That Actually Work

Turning to the internet or social media to solve your skin complaints may seem like a good idea, but if you want safe solutions that work, it’s best to turn to an expert. Here are just a few acne hacks you can actually rely on.
Feb 19th, 2023
5 Reasons We Love Hydrafacial

5 Reasons We Love Hydrafacial

Are you considering a facial? It’s time to amp up your skincare experience with Hydrafacial®. Keep reading to see what sets this cosmetic treatment apart from traditional facials, and why we are sure it will become your favorite beauty regimen.
Jan 25th, 2023
How Contagious Is Nail Fungus?

How Contagious Is Nail Fungus?

Did your mom ever tell you not to go barefoot in public spaces, such as the locker room? There’s a good reason why. Fungal infections are highly contagious, especially those involving the feet. See how to avoid this common problem.
Dec 12th, 2022
4 Soothing Ways To Manage Psoriasis Symptoms

4 Soothing Ways To Manage Psoriasis Symptoms

Do you have itchy, painful, or scaly patches of skin? Living with psoriasis isn’t easy, but you can manage uncomfortable flare-ups when they occur. Keep reading to learn more about this chronic condition.
Nov 9th, 2022
5 Common Types of Skin Rashes

5 Common Types of Skin Rashes

The word “rash” describes changes that affect the feeling, color, or texture of your skin. However, rashes can occur for numerous reasons, so it’s important to know what’s triggering your symptoms to manage your condition.
Oct 10th, 2022
Hydrafacial vs. Microneedling: Which is Best for Me?

Hydrafacial vs. Microneedling: Which is Best for Me?

Are you looking for ways to make your skin look and feel its very best? Hydrafacial® and microneedling can offer dramatic results, but they work in different ways. So which is right for you? It depends on your goals. Keep reading to learn more.
Sep 9th, 2022
Is It Acne or Rosacea?

Is It Acne or Rosacea?

Are you plagued by pimples? It’s easy to confuse rosacea for acne, but these unique conditions require very different courses of treatment. Keep reading to see if your breakouts are more than acne, and find out how you can find relief.
Aug 1st, 2022

Summer Sun Safety

Do you want to get the most out of summer without endangering your skin? Don’t fret! There are things you can do to have a great season without increasing your chances of getting sun damage or, worse yet, skin cancer. Keep reading to learn more.
Jul 1st, 2022
Understanding the Different Types of Hair Loss

Understanding the Different Types of Hair Loss

Hair loss may be common, but that doesn’t make it any less embarrassing — especially for women. Furthermore, while anyone can experience hair loss, that doesn’t mean it happens for the same reason. Keep reading to learn more.
May 1st, 2022
Can CoolSculpting Get Rid of My “Bat Wings” by Summertime?

Can CoolSculpting Get Rid of My “Bat Wings” by Summertime?

Do those stubborn pockets of fat under your arms have you dreading tank top season? Whether you’re fighting gravity or genetics, CoolSculpting® Elite can have you ready to bare your body before the mercury rises. Keep reading to learn more.
Mar 1st, 2022
White Patches on Your Skin: All About Vitiligo

White Patches on Your Skin: All About Vitiligo

Do you have smooth white patches of skin on your body? Vitiligo can appear anywhere, including your hands, face, and genitals. Keep reading to learn about this rare and misunderstood skin disorder.
Feb 1st, 2022
Why You Shouldn’t Ignore an Unusual Mole

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore an Unusual Mole

Most moles are completely harmless. However, some can cause serious concerns, because they could indicate skin cancer. So how can you tell the difference? Keep reading to learn the signs you shouldn’t ignore.
Jan 12th, 2022
Little-known Causes of Hair Loss

Little-known Causes of Hair Loss

You may be aware that hair loss can occur due to aging and genetics, but these aren’t the only reasons. Read on to learn about other factors that can contribute to hair loss.
Nov 17th, 2021
Everything You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

Everything You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair reduction l is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments, and for good reason. If you’re ready to ditch your razor or painful waxing and enjoy long-term hair-free results, read on; we answer all your questions about laser hair reduction.
Oct 1st, 2021
Who's at Risk for Skin Cancer?

Who's at Risk for Skin Cancer?

Are you at a heightened risk of getting skin cancer? While there are many things you can do to reduce risk by changing your lifestyle, some factors will remain.
Sep 13th, 2021
Help for Your Rosacea

Help for Your Rosacea

Does your eternally scarlet hue have you seeing red? We understand, and we also have comprehensive treatments to reduce — and in some cases reverse — rosacea. Find out how.
Aug 11th, 2021

Our Most Popular Treatments for Men

Cosmetic treatments aren’t just for women. In fact, plenty of men today are reaping the anti-aging benefits, too. Here’s a quick review of seven popular “for-men” treatments that can help you achieve your aesthetic and lifestyle goals.
Jul 15th, 2021

Understanding the Damaging Effects of the Sun

Everyone loves sunshine, except for your skin. Excessive exposure to the sun’s harmful rays is a prime culprit in causing skin cancer, wrinkles, and brown spots. Be sure to protect your skin this summer. Read on to learn how.
Jun 10th, 2021

How PRP Can Help Reverse Thinning Hair

Both men and women are plagued by hair loss. It’s yet one more distressing sign of aging. But now, you can fight back with a game-changing, all-natural treatment called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy.
May 27th, 2021

Do You Have Acne? We Can Help

Acne is a common, chronic skin condition that has both physical and emotional consequences. Finding a treatment that works for your acne can take some time. Our team offers an array of options to help you get great results.
Apr 1st, 2021

Why is Your Hair Falling Out?

Hair loss can make you look older than you are. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a safe and natural way to stimulate new hair growth. Find out if you could be a good candidate for this life-changing treatment.
Feb 4th, 2021

Our Best Winter Skincare Tips

Did you know dry, cold winter weather can dry out your skin and make your lines and wrinkles more pronounced? Learn how to combat winter weather and keep your skin looking great all season long.
Jan 1st, 2021

Are You at Risk for Skin Cancer?

Every day, more than 9,500 people in the United States receive a skin cancer diagnosis. When caught early, recovery from skin cancer is likely. If you have the following risk factors, get checked regularly for an early diagnosis.
Dec 4th, 2020

Finish Off Your Weight Loss Journey With CoolSculpting

You’ve done the work and are at or near your goal weight, but your body doesn’t look like you want because of pockets of stubborn fat. Don’t give up! CoolSculpting can help you literally freeze off fat and reveal a perfectly proportioned physique.
Oct 9th, 2020

Myths and Facts About Botox Everyone Should Know

Are you interested in getting Botox® injections to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles? Read on to dispel any myths, and get the facts about Botox and why it’s the most popular anti-aging cosmetic treatment.
Aug 13th, 2020

Refresh Tired, Aging Skin With a HydraFacial

Achieve vibrant skin, and erase the signs of aging and dry skin with the innovative HydraFacial®. Read on to learn how HydraFacial can benefit you by exfoliating your skin, extracting impurities, and revitalizing your complexion.
Jul 6th, 2020
Cherry Angioma

Cherry Angioma

Cherry Angioma is a big name for a little, benign red growth on the skin that is made up of tiny blood vessels (which provide its characteristic red color). They are typically the size of freckles or small moles, but they can be larger.
Jul 15th, 2020
applying hand lotion

Importance of Moisturizing after Hand Washing

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to climb, health officials have been urging Americans to wash their hands at every opportunity. Hand washing is critical to the effort to stop the spread of the virus.
Apr 2nd, 2020
sweating after exercise

How to Break a Sweat Without Causing Acne

If you’ve been hitting the gym on account of your New Year’s resolutions, it is likely that you are reaping the benefits, including improved overall health and mood. However, gymgoers may also find that their skin is breaking out more than usual...
Jan 23rd, 2020

What is a Hydrafacial?

If you're looking for an affordable, low-maintenance way to improve your skin's tone and texture, look no further than the dermatologists at Warrenton Dermatology & Skin Therapy Center in Warrenton, VA.
Oct 22nd, 2019

8 Most Frequently Asked Questions About CoolSculpting

It may sound too good to be true, but it’s really that good! CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat reduction and body contouring treatment offered at Warrenton Dermatology & Skin Therapy Center in Warrenton, VA.
Aug 19th, 2019

What exactly is a "PA-C"?

When going to a doctor's office, you may have seen medical providers that do not have the designation M.D. (Medical Doctor) after their name. Do you ever wonder what "PA-C" means?
Jun 17th, 2019

How Botox Treatment Can Improve Your Appearance

Do you wish you could smooth away lines and wrinkles from your face? Have you been contemplating ways to refresh and rejuvenate your appearance? If so, then you may be wondering what options are out Botoxthere that can target and...
Jun 4th, 2019

Discover The Benefits of Lip Fillers

Are you noticing the early signs of aging in your face, especially around your lips? Are you unhappy with your lips? Did you know you can do something about it? The answer you are looking for could be dermal fillers for your lips!
May 28th, 2019

PRP for Hair Loss

Research Demonstrates Potential of Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy for Hair Loss Board-certified dermatologists can help patients determine the best treatment option for them
May 27th, 2019

Is Basal Cell Carcinoma Serious? Ask Hugh Jackman…

Hugh Jackman is no stranger to skin cancer, and he wants to raise awareness regarding the importance of sun protection and regular skin checks. The Australian actor has posted several photos of himself showing the aftermath of skin cancer surgery.
Mar 19th, 2019

Tips for Managing Cold Sores

If you carry the herpes simplex virus, you will most likely experience cold sores at some point. Here are some tips for things you can do at home to help manage cold sores...
Feb 25th, 2019

Frostbite: Prevention and Treatment

When the temperature dips below freezing, it’s critical to protect your skin from cold-weather health risks. Frostbite occurs when the skin (and sometimes the tissue beneath the skin) freezes due to prolonged exposure to cold temperatures.
Feb 25th, 2019

Lumps & Bumps - Cause for Concern?

Lumps and bumps that are present under the skin should always be checked by a dermatologist. A lump or bump which is new, getting bigger, is tender or painful needs to be checked.
Jan 30th, 2019

Is Coolsculpting Right for Me?

Losing weight should be as simple as eating right and exercising regularly but we all know it isn’t always that easy. From our stomach to our thighs, many of us deal with problem areas that still carry unwanted fat despite our best efforts.
Jan 1st, 2019

Discover The Benefits Of Juvederm® Voluma XC

When you’re young, your face is full of collagen and healthy skin cells that give you a fresh, youthful, and vibrant appearance. As you age and are constantly exposed to the sun’s harsh rays, you lose some of that valuable tissue and the skin may...
Nov 26th, 2018

How To Treat A First-Degree-Minor Burn

According to dermatologists from the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), first-degree burns are very common and frequently occur after accidentally touching a hot stove, curling iron or hair straightener.
Jul 12th, 2018

Could Lip Fillers Help Me?

Full lips have always been in fashion, but not everyone's genetics get the message. Lip liners and glosses can only do so much, and your might not feel comfortable with the idea of surgery.
Jul 8th, 2018

Microneedling vs. Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is one of the top 5 non-surgical procedures performed by medical providers. Using a mechanical device, the provider exfoliates the skin surface with an ablative material, like sodium bicarbonate crystals, to scrub off dead and...
Mar 4th, 2018

Microneedling 101

Microneedling is a professional esthetic treatment to reduce the signs of aging (like fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, texture irregularities) and acne scarring. Like the name implies, we use a device called the SkinPen...
Feb 4th, 2018

How to Treat Your Acne

Your teen years may be several decades behind you, but your skin may not have gotten the message. Acne can affect people at any timeacne in their life; 20% of its sufferers are adults.
Jan 3rd, 2018

Does Hair Loss Get Worse In Autumn?

With more than 35 million men and more than 21 million women currently suffering from hair loss in the United States alone, it is easy to understand why fear of losing hair is something that can affect us all. This fear has led many to speculate wildly...
Dec 7th, 2017

Moisturizers and Luminosity

Moisturizers, Luminosity & Skin Firmness Q & A Q: How does a moisturizer increase skin firmness? A: “Increased firmness” is commonly used by skincare companies to describe the beneficial effects of moisturizers. 
Oct 12th, 2017

Rosacea: What You Need to Know

Rosacea: What You Need to Know Rosacea is a skin disorder which causes inflammation and red coloring of the skin, especially on the face. It can also impacts the ears, chest, and back. In addition to a “flushed” appearance, pimples and bumps may...
Sep 5th, 2017

When Should I Have My Mole Checked?

Worried about that mole? Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer. If skin cancer is detected early, it is more easily treatable. Dr. Juan-Carlos Caballero of Warrenton Dermatology & Skin Therapy Center in Warrenton, VA, offers skin cancer...
Jun 7th, 2017

What is Eczema?

Eczema Also called “dermatitis,” eczema refers to several different rash-like conditions where the skin is inflamed, red and irritated. The most severe and long-lasting type of eczema is atopic dermatitis. During a flare-up, the skin becomes ...
May 6th, 2017


Parabens are preservatives frequently used in skin care products. They were commercialized in the 1950s and possess antifungal and antibacterial properties.
Apr 28th, 2017

What's Juvederm Voluma® XC?

Find out more about this unique dermal filler and what it can do to boost your skin’s appearance.juvederm As we get older we start to notice that our once supple and cherub-like cheeks are now sagging and sinking. If only there was a simple way to fix...
Mar 20th, 2017

Teens & Tanning

Skin cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in the United States, and recent findings indicate that non-melanoma skin cancer is increasing in young adults, especially young women. It has been shown that ultraviolet light exposure early in life ...
Mar 15th, 2017

Who Can Benefit from a Chemical Peel... And Why Now?

Most of us are dealing with some sort of skin condition, such as sun damage, wrinkles, acne, acne scarring, or Melasma. If you fall into this category, now is the perfect time to correct and refresh your skin with a chemical peel. Chemical peeling is...
Feb 1st, 2017

The Best Way to Care for Your Skin

If you want skin that seems to glow from within then it’s time you upped your skincare routine. Everyone wants healthy, radiant skin but you would be surprised how many people don’t do the things necessary to keep their skin looking and...
Jan 26th, 2017

5 Things Your Hands May Be Telling You

Our hands are one of the most important parts of our body when it comes to day-to- day activities, and they are revealing, too. "It used to be common for doctors to look at the hands for important clues to overall health," says endocrinologist...
Jan 23rd, 2017

Why Do Some Vitamin C Products Turn Orange on the Skin?

Article Excerpts from Dermatology Times Many state-of- the-art skin products contain vitamin C, a potent antioxidant which is important to skin health. Vitamin C is actually a secondary antioxidant in the skin, able to donate an electron to vitamin E, ...
Dec 27th, 2016

How Can I Treat My Dry Skin?

All of us have likely experienced the discomfort of dry, itchy skin at some time in our lives, and a few applications of lotion is often dry skinenough to control it. But for people who deal with chronically dry skin, it can affect their daily lives,...
Dec 7th, 2016

Dry, Brittle Nails - Why It Happens & What You Can Do About It

Your nails dry out as you age, losing the natural oils which act as a glue to hold the nail layers together. Exposing your hands to harsh soaps, cleaning products, solvents and rough work makes things worse. At first your nails begin to ‘fray’ ...
Dec 6th, 2016

Winter Skincare Tips

Winter means battling harsh weather conditions and even harsher skin conditions. This means that you will need to have a seasonal skincare shift: Exfoliate and Hydrate For most people, winter brings dry, dehydrated skin to the forefront. However,...
Nov 22nd, 2016

Mediterranean Diet and Skin Health

There have been many studies about how diet impacts skin disease. The exciting takeaway from most of these studies is that we can, in part, control our overall skin health and appearance through diet. One such study of the Mediterranean diet,...
Sep 23rd, 2016

How Safe is Tattoo Ink?

Before you get that dolphin tattooed on your ankle or "Mom" on your bicep, be aware: The ink used in tattoos may be harmful -- even years later. A new report has raised questions about the safety of tattoo inks used in Europe, most of which are...
Sep 14th, 2016

Zika: Choosing the Right Insect Repellent

Summer may be winding down, but we are still spending a lot of time outdoors. As such, we will continue to be exposed to biting insects, like mosquitoes. With increasing concern about the spread of the Zika virus in the United States, it is...
Sep 8th, 2016

What Voluma® Could Do for You

When comparing pictures of a face taken 20 to 30 years apart, it's likely that while the general shape and contours of the face will mostly look the same, the face will look rounder and fuller in the younger version of the picture.
Aug 22nd, 2016

Habits That Could Be Causing Your Acne

While acne is famous for being a teenager’s concern, this frustrating condition can also occur in adulthood and take a toll on your confidence. However, in many cases, acne can be prevented or treated by simply changing the bad habits that cause it.
Aug 10th, 2016

Lice! What to Do and How to Treat

Excerpts from Dermatology Times 7/20/16 School will soon be back in session, and unfortunately, this usually means an uptick in the incidence of head-lice. Do you know what to do if your child comes home from school with lice?
Aug 3rd, 2016

The Buzz On Bites

This time of year, you are bound to encounter plenty of flying pests, who threaten to put a damper on your summer fun. Most everyone has had an insect bite or sting at some point. Most bites or stings, whether from mosquitoes, flies, bees, or wasps,...
Jul 15th, 2016

Skin Care Tips for Teens

As a teen, you are just the right age to start taking care of your skin properly. This will help avoid skin care problems caused by improper habits. Good skin care doesn't take a lot of time and doesn't have to cost a lot of money.
Jun 29th, 2016

May is Melanoma Awareness Month

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States, affecting one in five Americans. In fact, it is estimated that more than 8,500 people are diagnosed with skin cancer every day, and one person dies of melanoma, the deadliest form of...
May 4th, 2016

Nail Health

Changes in Your Fingernails/Toenails Can Signal Larger Health Problems Important information about nail health from the American Academy of Dermatology: Our nails often reflect our general state of health. Changes in the nail, such as discoloration or...
Apr 26th, 2016

Ways to Prevent Skin Cancer

Find out how you can protect your healthy skin from skin cancer. Spring has sprung and before long we will all be enjoying the benefits of summer. Maybe you and your family are planning to take that much-needed beach vacation or you are planning to...
Apr 19th, 2016