Facial Treatments

Deep Pore Cleansing / Acne Facial

This treatment leaves the skin healthier and smoother.  The first step is a thorough deep pore cleansing, followed by a pumpkin peel mask with steam.  A disincrustation process follows, using a mild galvanic current to open pores and extract impurities.  The treatment is finished with a pore minimizing mask, followed by appropriate sun protection.


Facial TreatmentThis treatment represents the best in state-of-the-art facial technology. What starts as a deep-pore cleansing facial to cleanse and clear the skin, is then boosted with the addition of a specialized, serum-infused microdermabrasion. As the skin is cleared of dead skin cells with our Dermasweep microdermabrasion, it is simultaneously infused with a customized serum to treat your skin with exactly what it needs. Our Master Esthetician will help you select the serum(s) that are right for you.

Serum options include NuCell Anti-aging serum, rich with growth factors, peptides, and antioxidants; Vitamin C infusion for skin brightening and evening of skin tone; an Aloe-rich Hyaluronic serum for hydrating, plumping, increasing skin firmness; Soothing Botanical infusion, including Chamomile, to calm redness and relieve dryness and skin sensitivity. 

Rescue and Repair Facial

This is an ideal treatment for skin that is environmentally damaged.   Powerful antioxidant products are applied throughout the facial process, targeting damage done by the sun and environmental pollutants.  An intensive deep penetrating mask tightens and tones the skin.  The facial is finished with ultimate defense SPF protection, leaving your skin hydrated and refreshed.

Signature Facial

Our signature facial is a relaxing treatment that will cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate with a customized blend of products chosen just for you and your unique skin care needs.  Included in this luxurious process, will be a mask, as well as a facial, arm and hand massage.